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Mummies and Babies Reflexology Workshops

Relaxeing and fun sessions



Learn to calm your baby or toddler through the power of touch. Our workshops will teach you some simple reflexology sequences in a relaxed and fun environment.  Both group and private sessions

are available, with a maximum of six participants. The classes cover touch, movement, relaxation, interaction and communication. The great thing about these sequences is that you can use them anytime, anywhere.  If your baby is fretful when out and about, you have an effective calming tool

at your own fingertips!




What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is based on the principle where reflex points found on the feet and hands correspond to specific organs, muscles, bones and body functions; much in the same way as acupuncture.  By applying gentle pressure to specific areas in the feet, blockages can be released to restore the flow of energy to the whole body.


Results for babies are often experienced immediately and this is particularly helpful if your child is crying or if they have some kind of tummy discomfort.


Why Newtone Reflexology Workshops?

Babies respond very positively to reflexology. Many mothers will instinctively rub their children’s feet and hands when their child is fretful. Newtone Therapy Workshops can further your knowledge in teaching specific sequences that will be beneficial to your baby's wellbeing. Reflexology is effective and perfectly safe.


Some of the benefits include:

•Enhanced bonding between parent and baby

•Helping your baby to feel more secure

•Increased relaxation and deeper, longer periods of sleep

•Reduced crying and emotional distress

•Simulation of baby’s circulation, digestion, nervous and lymphatic systems

•Relief from wind, colic and constipation

•Relief from teething pain

•Boosting the immune system

•Helping to prevent the symptoms of asthma and other chronic conditions



Who is it suitable for?

Reflexology can be used on anyone, of any age. Our classes welcome newborns (4 weeks plus) as well as babies and toddlers. Reflexology is particularly beneficial for babies who experienced an assisted delivery. As your baby begins to walk, the practice of reflexology can also be combined with checking the development of their feet. Feet being a complex structure important for the whole body's alignment.


You can use reflexology as a natural healing therapy for acute illnesses as well as a preventative tool for general wellbeing.


What does it involve?

Each reflexology treatment follows a simple, 3-step formula:

•Relax and bring blood flow to the foot with a quick warm up

•Find the relevant reflex area

•Apply a technique.  


Over this course you will learn different techniques and discover which works best for your baby. The goal of this course is to break a pattern of stress brought on by common ailments.


Reflexology for Babies (4 weeks-9 months)

Taught over three sessions, once a week, giving you time to practice your new skills before learning

any more. These sessions last just over an hour and based on the following.


Week 1: Feeding & Digestion

Week 2: Sleeping & Comforting

Week 3: Wellbeing


Reflexology for Toddlers (10 months-24 months)


Week 1: Wellbeing and Bonding

Week 2: Wellbeing and Digestion

Week 3: Wellbeing and Common Ailments